Bill Bourne:  This is a "must do" trip! Magical, amazing.. The best way to experience a very special culture and place. My advice is: "Don't wait, don't put it off... Just do it! You will be glad you did!"Riding a bike is a wonderful way to experience India it puts you up close. Rolling thru the countryside instead of inside a car you can feel and observe the friendliness of the rural population.”


 “Dave’s Best Quality South India Adventure is a trip that will be a part of me forever. Dave is a very special person who is willing to share with others a different way of how to look at people, places and life. It is because of his excitement and enthusiasm for India and it’s people that I was able to experience India in a way I never could have with others or on my own. He has a special gift.”


“My cycling trip in south India was inspirational, motivational and fantastical all at the same time! Dave Trattles went out of his way to ensure each of us was able to experience India from an insider’s perspective and not as just tourists passing through. His local knowledge of the country and especially neighborhoods in major cities allowed us an intimacy with the people we met without encroaching on their personal space. Every day was a fun filled adventure combined with an awakening experience of a foreign land that will remain with me forever!”


“This was a “trip of a lifetime” cycle tour, helped greatly by Dave’s love and knowledge of India, its people and their culture. Dave extended himself with his extra attention to each person’s needs and by offering new perspectives throughout the 14-day tour, as well as his professional expertise to help improve our photographic skills.
The cycle tour routes were great, full of scenery including up close insights into everyday life. The local support team, accommodations and cuisine were all very good. Our tour group gelled well together and it was fun sharing experiences along the way and after the trip.
It was a fabulous tour and a wonderful way to experience southern India. It was also quite convenient for us to add on extra explorations throughout India at the start and end of the tour (flights and trains are abundant and inexpensive).”


“I can’t imagine a better introduction to India than we had with Dave’s Best Quality South India Bicycle Adventure. The route is beautiful, roads are good, accommodation is excellent and the food is wonderful. Dave was much more than a tour guide, helping us to enjoy our experience of cycling, the country and its people to the max. 5 gold stars!


‘World’s Best South India Bicycle Adventure: Seeing India by bike was a truly unique and amazing experience, which wouldn’t have been possible without Dave’s work of considering the group’s needs, leaving us to explore freely at our own pace.
A once in a lifetime trip!”


“Cycling in India, an amazing experience. Dave encourages you to get close to the people and their customs. You quickly lose your inhibitions, relax, and enjoy being immersed in the local cultures. This was my second trip to India, but the first time that I got past the foreign tourist things and actually learned about the people and the country (there were also lots of foreign tourist things to see). Another bonus was all the photography tips and lessons from Dave. Oh, by the way, the cycling is great and has a variety of conditions and scenery. You are definitely not bored as you are seeing different things each day.
I returned home full of memories of the local people that I met who were very approachable and friendly and I marveled how they could be so happy with so little.”


“The trip exceeded my expectations. We got perks and attention above and beyond the call of duty. India was intriguing to visit because we saw it the way most tourists do not. Cycling allowed us to get up close and personal with the people and villages we saw along the way. On a bicycle it is difficult not to interact with your surroundings.”


Our day of rest here at Cardamom House could not have come at a better time. It is the most serene place that I have ever visited. It is on a lake at the base of the Western Ghat mountains 5 km from the small village of Athoor along a largely deserted road. The silence only being disrupted here by the birds and frogs with perhaps three or four vehicles all day. As with all the stays on our bike tour so far, it is wonderful, serving us great food and with only 10 or 12 rooms and a fabulous staff, we have discovered Shangri-La.

As with days 4 and five ( both around 70 K) we leisurely rode along stopping frequently for photo ops, coconut water or roadside tea stands. On day five I even stopped for a haircut at the Bharat Saloon" whose slogan is " God made man but the Bharat Saloon makes the Gentleman"!

I am frequently stopping to talk to artisans who are mostly happy to engage with you despite the severe language barriers. The children are always excited to cheer at us when we pass by and when we stop to practice English, exchange names and most want to have their picture taken and then shown to them. Our unhurried pace allows for frequent tea, coconut water, water and snack stops. The entire biking group gets along exceedingly well, seamlessly intermingling with whoever is at hand at any particular moment.  Adelaide's and my decision to participate in "Dave's South India Bicycle Adventure" has been a great one.